Part Number : RD15HVF1

Function : Silicon RF Power MOSFET (Discrete) / 175MHz, 520MHz, 15W

Package : TO-220 Type


Pinouts :
RD15HVF1 datasheet

Description :

RD15HVF1 is a MOSFET type transistor specifically designed for VHF/UHF High power amplifiers applications.


Features :

1. High power and High Gain:
Pout>15W, Gp>14dB @Vdd=12.5V,f=175MHz
Pout>15W, Gp>7dB @Vdd=12.5V,f=520MHz

2. High Efficiency: 60% typ. on VHF Band

3. High Efficiency: 55% typ. on UHF Band

Applications : 

For output stage of high power amplifiers in VHF/UHF Band mobile radio sets.

Datasheet PDF Download :
RD15HVF1 pdf

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