Part Number : OKX-T, OKX T/10 & T/16-D12 Series

Function : Adjustable DOSA 10/16-Amp  DC/DC Converter

Package : SIP Type

Maker : Murata Power Solutions

Image :
OKX-T datasheet

Description :

The OKX-T/10 and -T/16 series are miniature SIP non-isolated Point-of-Load (POL) DC/DC power
converters for embedded applications. The module is fully compatible with Distributed-power Open
Standards Alliance (DOSA) industry-standard specifi cations ( Applications
include powering CPU’s, datacom/telecom systems, programmable logic and mixed voltage systems.

Features : 

1. Non-isolated SIP POL DC/DC power module

2. 8.3-14Vdc input voltage range

3. Programmable output voltage from 0.7525-5.5Vdc

4. 10 Amp (T/10) or 16 Amp (T/16) output current models

5. Drives 1000 μF ceramic capacitive loads

Datasheet PDF Download :
OKX-T pdf

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