Part Number : OB2268CP

Function : Current Mode PWM Controller

Package: SOP 8 Pin type

Maker : LiteON, On-Bright Electronics

Image :
OB2268CP datasheet

Description :

OB2268, OB2268CP, OB2269 is a highly integrated PWM control IC designed for AC/DC switch mode power applications

Implemented with On-Bright patented proprietary technology, it achieves low standby power and high efficiency at reduced BOM cost.

also features comprehensive protection coverage and performance enhancement (EMI, etc).



1. Built-in leading edge blanking(LEB) at current sense input
2. VDD over voltage protection (OVP)
3. Over temperature protection (OTP)
4. Built-in line compensated OCP achieving balanced OCP over universal input
5. Available in DIP8 and SOP8 packages,RoHS compliant

Datasheet PDF Download :
OB2268CP pdf

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