Part Number : NJM2238D

Function : Video Sub-carrier Signal Tripler

Package : SO 8 Pin type

Maker : Japan Radio Corporation

Pinouts :
NJM2238D datasheet

Description :

The NJM2238, NJM2238D is a tripler oscillator based on video subcarrier frequency using PLL circuit technique. The NJM2238 is suit to standard, clock generate of CCD clock and on-screen display.


1. Operating Voltage (+4.7V to + +5.3V)

2. Maximum Oscillator Frequency

3. Tripler Output

4. Package Outline DIP8, DMP8,

5. Bipolar Technology

Applications : 

1. VCR Video Camera AV-TV

2. Video Disc player

Datasheet PDF Download :
NJM2238D pdf

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