Part Number : NCP5006SNT1

Function : Backlight LED Boost Driver

Package : TSOP-5 Type

Maker : ON Semiconductor

Pinouts :
NCP5006SNT1 datasheet

Description :

The NCP5006SNT1, NCP5006 is a high efficiency boost converter operating in current loop, based on a PFM mode, to drive White LED. The current mode regulation allows a uniform brightness of the LEDs. The chip has been optimized for small ceramic capacitors, capable to supply up to 1.0 W output power.


• 2.7 to 5.5 V Input Voltage Range
• Voutto 24 V Output Compliance Allows up to 5 LEDs Drive in Series
• Built−in Overvoltage Protection
• Inductor Based Converter brings up to 90% Efficiency
• Constant Output Current Regulation
• 0.3 A Standby Quiescent Current
• Includes Dimming Function (PWM)
• Enable Function Driven Directly from Low Battery Voltage Source
• Automatic LEDs Current Matching
• Thermal Shutdown Protection
• All Pins are Fully ESD Protected
• Low EMI Radiation
• Pb−Free Package is Available

Datasheet PDF Download :
NCP5006SNT1 pdf

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