Part Number : NB7232

Function : Stepless Speed Control Touch Dimmer Circuit

Maker : Unspecified

Pinouts :
NB7232 datasheet

Description :

The dimming / switch circuit (governor) NB7232 touch (touch) Ningbo Science and Technology Park Microelectronics -free is (stock) Improvement and process design that has been optimized, introduced compatibility, a completely new product with the LS7232, CS7232, M7232, SM7232 previous In comparison with PMOS technology LS7232 (operating voltage 15V) performance etc., of early adopters, CMOS technology, using the operating voltage 5V Stability is much better.

Used (table fan, ceiling fans, a vacuum cleaner motor speed (lamps, chandeliers) and life incandescent light widely And controls along with the key) or (touch, or whether it is structured around the triac on the way to the light source 1 of the peripheral circuit etc.) Switch (or motor) to control (or speed) dimming, and a governor or position memory function dimming.

From tradition Potentiometer adjustment and mechanical switch in the form of a novel product upgrade.

Datasheet PDF Download :
NB7232 pdf

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