Part Number : MSP430F5438

Function : 16-Bit, Ultra-Low-Power Microcontroller, 256KB Flash, 16KB RAM, 12 Bit ADC

Package : LQFP 100 Pin type

Maker : Texas Instruments

Image :
MSP430F5438 datasheet

Description :

The Texas Instruments MSP430 family of ultralow-power microcontrollers consists of several devices featuring different sets of peripherals targeted for various applications. The architecture, combined with five low-power modes, is optimized to achieve extended battery life in portable measurement applications.

The device features a powerful 16-bit RISC CPU, 16-bit registers, and constant generators that contribute to maximum code efficiency. The digitally controlled oscillator (DCO) allows the device to wake up from low-power modes to active mode in less than 5 µs.


• Analog and Digital Sensor Systems

• Digital Motor Control

• Remote Controls

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MSP430F5438 pdf

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