Part Number : MINI51

Function : 32-BIT MICROCONTROLLER - ARM Cortex™-M0

Package : LQFP 48 Pin Type

Maker : Nuvoton Technology ( )

Pinouts :
MINI51 datasheet

Description :

NuMicro Mini51 series embeds ARM® Cortex™-M0 core with the speed up to 24MHz, 4K/8K/16K-byte Flash program memory, 2K-byte SRAM and 2K-byte flash loader memory for In System Programming (ISP). It also comes equipped with a variety of peripherals, such as GPIOs, Timers, UART, SPI, I2C, PWM, ADC, Watchdog Timer and Low Voltage Reset. NuMicro™ Mini51 series is a single-chip low pin count 32-bit microcontroller designed for applications demanding high performance, high-integration and cost-effective requirements.


1. ARM Cortex™-M0 core running up to 24 MHz

2. One 24-bit system timer

3. Supports low power Idle mode

4. A single-cycle 32-bit hardware multiplier

5. NVIC for 32 interrupt inputs, each with 4-level priority

Datasheet PDF Download :
MINI51 pdf

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