Part Number : MIC2012PCM

Function : USB Power Controller

Package : SOIC 8 Pin Type

Maker : Micrel

Pinouts :
MIC2012PCM datasheet

Description :

The MIC2012, MIC2012PCM is a dual channel USB power switch designed to support the power distribution requirements for USB Wakeup from the ACPI S3 state. The MIC2012 will directly switch its two outputs between a 5V main supply and a 5V auxiliary supply normally provided in ATX style power supplies. 



• Compliant to USB power distribution specifi cations
• UL Recognized Component
• Two completely independent switches
• Integrated switching matrix supports ACPI S0/S3 state transitions without external FET circuits
• Make-before-break switching ensures glitch-free transitions
• No back-feed of auxiliary supply onto main supply during standby mode
• Bi-level current-limit preserves auxiliary supply voltage regulation in standby mode
• Thermally isolated channels
• Thermal shutdown protection
• Fault status outputs with fi lter prevents false assertions during hot-plug events


Datasheet PDF Download :
MIC2012PCM pdf

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