Part Number : MC68HC812A4

Function : 16-bit Microcontroller / The MC68HC812A4 microcontroller unit (MCU)

Maker : Motorola , Freescale

Pinouts :
MC68HC812A4 datasheet

Description :

The MC68HC812A4 microcontroller unit (MCU) is a 16-bit device composed of standard on-chip peripheral modules connected by an intermodule bus.

Modules include a 16-bit central processing unit(CPU12), a Lite integration module (LIM), two asynchronous serial communications interfaces (SCI0 and SCI1), a serial peripheral interface (SPI), a timer and pulse accumulation module, an 8-bit analog to-digital converter (ATD), 1-Kbyte RAM, 4-Kbyte EEPROM, and memory expansion logic with chip selects, key wakeup ports, and a phase-locked loop (PLL).

Features : 

1. Single-Wire Background Debug Mode

2. Non-Multiplexed Address and Data Buses

3. Seven Programmable Chip Selects with Clock Stretching (Expanded Modes)


4. 8-Channel, Enhanced 16-Bit Timer with Programmable Prescaler

Datasheet PDF Download :
MC68HC812A4 pdf

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