Part Number : MAX687

Function : High-Accuracy, Low-Dropout Linear Regulator

Package : DIP, SO, uMAX 8 Pin Type

Maker : Maxim Integrated

Pinouts :
MAX687 datasheet

Description :

The MAX687 / MAX688 / MAX689 low-dropout linear regulators operate with an input-to-output voltage differential limited only by an external PNP transistor. Outputs are fixed at 3.3V (MAX687/MAX688) or 3.0V (MAX689).

The only external components required are a PNP pass transistor and output, compensation, and bypass capacitors. Base drive to the external transistor is at least 10mA, permitting
output currents to exceed 1A when using high-gain transistors (β > 100). Output current limiting is implemented by limiting the external transistor’s base current. Output voltage monitoring and shutdown functions are included.

The 3.3V MAX687 automatically shuts down whenever the output voltage drops below 2.96V. An internal power-fail comparator also monitors the output and provides an early warning of low output voltage before the device shuts down.

When shut down, the output is latched off until the ON input is pulsed. Turning off the power supply in this way prevents battery damage due to excessive discharge or cell-reversal. Typical applications include portable telephones and other battery-powered equipment where the power supply must be disabled when the battery voltage is low.


1. Directly Drives External PNP Transistor


2. 10mA Min Base-Current Drive for >1A Output

3.Power-Fail Output Monitors the Output Voltage

Datasheet PDF Download :
MAX687 pdf

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