Part Number : LC9.0

Function : 9V, 1500 Watt Low Capacitance TVS(Transient Voltage Supperssor)

Package : DO-13 Type

Maker : Microsemi Corporation

Pinouts :
LC9.0 datasheet

Description :

This hermetically sealed Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) product family includes a rectifier diode element in series and opposite direction to achieve low capacitance performance below 100 pF. The low level of TVS capacitance may be used for protecting higher frequency applications in inductive switching environments or electrical systems involving secondary lightning effects per IEC61000-4-5 as well as RTCA/DO-160D or ARINC 429 for airborne avionics. With virtually instantaneous response, they also protect from ESD and EFT per IEC61000-4-2 and IEC61000-4-4.

Applications : 

1. Protection from switching transients and induced RF


2. Low capacitance for data line protection up to 1 MHz

Datasheet PDF Download :
LC9.0 pdf

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