Part Number : L5959

Function : Multifunction voltage regulator for car radio

Package : ZIP 15 Pin Type

Maker : STMicroelectronics

Pinouts :
L5959 datasheet

Description :

The L5959 contains a four voltage regulator and two protected HSDs. HSDs are protected against
loss of ground and loss of battery. The IC includes a monitoring circuit for detection. The IC features a very low quiescent current in stand-by and independent thermal shutdown.


1. Four outputs
– 8.5V @ 200mA (V8P5)
– 8/10V @ 1000mA selectable 10V or 8V(V810)
– 3.3V @ 100mA permanent (VSTBY)
– 3.3V @ 800mA (VREGSW)
2. Two protected high side driver (HSD1, HSD2)
3. Reset function
4. Battery voltage (under/over) warning output
5. Load dump protection
6. Independent thermal shutdown on all regulators and HSDs
7. Overcurrent limitation
8. Storage CAP output (STCAP)
9. Small CAP required by stability of regulators
10. All pins ESD protected

Datasheet PDF Download :
L5959 pdf

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