Part Number : JMS539

Function : SuperSpeed USB to SATA II 3.0G Bridge

Package : 64 LQFP package (10x10) and 64 QFN package (9x9)

Maker : JMicron

Image :
JMS539 datasheet

Description :

The JMS539 is a bridge controller, which translates the communication protocol between SATA II 3.0G and SuperSpeed USB commands. The integrated 60MIPS 8051, SATA II, Hi-Speed USB and SuperSpeed USB technology enable users to perform SuperSpeed USB to SATA II 3.0G, applications in a signal chip.


 Complies with Gen2i/Gen2m of Serial ATA II Electrical Specification 2.6

• Supports SATA II Asynchronous Signal Recovery (Hot Plug) feature

• Complies with USB 3.0 Specification, USB Mass Storage Class, Bulk-Only Transport Specification

• Supports USB Super-Speed/High-Speed/Full-Speed Operation 

• Supports USB HID operation


Datasheet PDF Download :
JMS539 pdf

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