Part Number : IT8518E

Function : Programmable DC Electronic Load / Model IT8518 series

Maker : ITECH Electronic

Image :
IT8518E datasheet

Description :

The IT8518EIT8500 series electronic load is used for design, manufacturing, and evaluation of DC power supplies, batteries, and power components and so on. The electronic load contains a processor, serial port connector, front-panel keypad and VFD, and other circuits common to the other entire load module.IT8500 series electronic load could work in constant current (CC) mode, constant voltage (CV) mode, or constant resistance (CR) mode and constant power(CW) mode.



• High accuracy and high resolution

• Triggered input and measurement functions.

• Within the controlled keypad in the front panel

• Built-in pulse generator for continuous, pulsed, and toggled transient mode operation.

• Over voltage, over current, overpower, and over temperature protection.

• Fan speed control by temperature.

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IT8518E pdf

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