Part Number : ISL6265C

Function : Multi-Output Controller with Integrated MOSFET Driver

Package : QFP 48 Pin Type

Maker : Intersil

Image :
ISL6265C datasheet

Description : 

The ISL6265C is a multi-output controller with embedded gate drivers. A single-phase controller powers the Northbridge (VDDNB) portion of the CPU. The two remaining controller channels can be configured for two-phase or individual single-phase outputs. For uniplane CPU applications, the ISL6265C is configured as a two-phase buck converter.


• Core Configuration Flexibility
- Dual Plane, Single-Phase Controllers
- Uniplane, Two-Phase Controller

• Precision Voltage Regulators
- 0.5% System Accuracy Over-temperature

• Voltage Positioning with Adjustable Load Line and Offset
• Internal Gate Drivers with 2A Driving Capability
• Differential Remote CPU Die Voltage Sensing
• Core Differential Current Sensing: DCR or Resistor
• Northbridge Lossless rDS(ON) Current Sensing

Datasheet PDF Download :
ISL6265C pdf

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