Part Number : IRS29831

Function : LED FLYBACK CONTROL IC / Integrated 700 V MOSFET

Package : DIP 8 Pin Type

Maker : International Rectifier

Pinouts :
IRS29831 datasheet

Description :

The IRS29831 includes an internal 700V rated MOSFET with low RDSon to enable driver operation up to 25W with minimal temperature rise. A snubber network consisting of DSNUB, CSNUB and RSNUB is required in Flyback converters to limit the peak ringing transient. In a typical circuit with appropriate snubber values the transient will not exceed 650V at maximum line input.


1. Flyback LED Driver
2. Integrated 700 V MOSFET
3. Critical-conduction / Transition mode operation
4. Primary constant power control
5. Burst mode operation at light load
6. Over-current protection
7. Micro power startup (150 μA)
8. Low quiescent current (2.5 mA)
9. Latch immunity and ESD protection
10. Open load / Over voltage protection
11. Compatible with Triac Dimmers
12. High Power Factor / Low THD

Datasheet PDF Download :
IRS29831 pdf

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