Part Number : IRFP460LC

Function : Power MOSFET, Vdc(V) = 500V

Package : TO-247 Type

Maker : Vishay Semiconductors

Pinouts :
IRFP460LC datasheet

Description :

This new series of low charge Power MOSFETs achieve significantly lower gate chargeover conventional MOSFETs. Utilizing advanced Power MOSFETs technology the device improvements allow for reduced gate drive requirements, faster switching speeds and increased total system savings.

These device improvements combined with the proven ruggedness and reliabiltity of Power MOSFETs offer the designer a new standard in power transistors for switching applications.

Features : 

• Ultra Low Gate Charge

• Reduced Gate Drive Requirement

• Enhanced 30 V VGS Rating

• Reduced Ciss, Coss, Crss

• Isolated Central Mounting Hole

• Dynamic dV/dt Rating 

• Repetitive Avalanche Rated

Datasheet PDF Download :
IRFP460LC pdf

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