Part Number : HX5186-A

Function : 480RGB x 864 dot, 16.7M color, with internal GRAM, TFT Mobile Single Chip Driver

Package : 12-pin 2.4mm x 2.4mm x 0.5mm TDFN12 type

Maker : Himax techologies ( ) 

Pinouts :

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Description :

The HX5186-A is a dedicated high performance and low noise DC/DC pumping controller IC with a feature of low cost solution on specified power application.

HX5186-A can be used charge pumping architecture with different pumping factor that is controlled by master driver.A/Type B interface mode, MIPI DPI/DBI Type C interface mode, MIPI DSI (Display Serial Interface) interface mode and MDDI (Mobile Display Digital Interface) interface
mode. The interface mode is selected by the external hardware pins BS3~0.

The HX8369-A is suitable for any small portable battery-driven and long-term driving
products, such as small PDAs, digital cellular phones and bi-directional pagers.

Datasheet PDF Download :
HX5186-A pdf

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