Part Number : HV9910B

Function : Universal High Brightness LED Driver

Package : SOIC 16 Pin Type

Maker : Supertex

Pinouts :
HV9910B datasheet

Description :

The HV9910B is an open loop, current mode, control LED driver IC. The HV9910B can be programmed to operate in either a constant frequency or constant off-time mode. 

 It includes an 8.0 - 450V linear regulator which allows it to work from a wide range of input voltages without the need for an external low voltage supply. The HV9910B includes a PWM dimming input that can accept an external control signal with a duty ratio of 0 - 100% and a frequency of up to a few kilohertz. It also includes a 0 - 250mV linear dimming input which can be used for linear dimming of the LED current.


1. Switch mode controller for single switch LED drivers

2. Enhanced drop-in replacement to the HV9910

3. Open loop peak current controller


4. Internal 8.0 to 450V linear regulator

Datasheet PDF Download :
HV9910B pdf

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