Part Number : HI1178

Function : Triple 8-Bit, 40MSPS, RGB, 3-Channel D/A Converter

Package : MQFP 48 Pin type

Maker : Intersil

Pinouts :
HI1178 datasheet

Description :

The HI1178 is a triple 8-bit, high-speed, CMOS D/A converter designed for video band use. It has three separate, 8-bit, pixel inputs,one each for red, green, and blue video data. A single 5.0V power supply and pixel clock input is all that is required tomake the device operational.

A bias voltage generator is internal. Each channel clock input can be controlled individually, orconnected together as one. 

Features : 

• Resolution : Triple 8-Bit

• Maximum Conversion Speed : 40MHz

• RGB 3-Channel Input/Output


• Differential Linearity Error : +0.3 LSB



• Digital TV

• Graphics Display

• High Resolution Color Graphics

• Video Reconstruction

• Instrumentation

• Image Processing

Datasheet PDF Download :
HI1178 pdf

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