Part Number : HD3SS0001

Function : 10.3Gbps Thunderbolt Port and DisplayPort Switch

Package : VQFN 24 Pin Type

Maker : Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
HD3SS0001 datasheet

Description :

The HD3SS0001 is a high-speed passive-switch device with integrated buffers and resistors, designed to support Thunderbolt™ technology, DisplayPort, and Dual Mode DisplayPort. The 10G path supports a high 10GHz bandwidth and excellent loss characteristics, while the DisplayPort path supports 5.4Gbps.


1. Compatible with Thunderbolt Technology Electrical Standards and DisplayPort 1.2a

2. Wide –3dB Differential Bandwidth of Over 10GHz on 10G Path

3. Supports DP and DP++ Configurations

4. Handles HPD (5V tolerant) and Cable Detect

5. Supports AUX and DDC MUX

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Datasheet PDF Download :
HD3SS0001 pdf

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