Part Number : GC7137A

Function : Three half-LED Display A/D converter

Package : DIP, SOP, SSOP 24 Pin Type

Maker : Unspecified

Pinouts :
GC7137A datasheet

Description :

GC7137A is a high performance, low-cost three and a half A / D converter circuit. It contains seven sections of the translation Code reader, scan display drivers, reference sources and clock system that can directly drive LED display characters.

GC7137A be a good combination with high precision, versatility and low cost applications together, it has less than 10μV The auto zero function, zero drift of less than 1μV / ℃, lower than the input current 10pA, the polarity switching error is less than A word. GC7137 integrated differential input and differential reference source in a variety of systems are very easy to use. It can be widely For a variety of single-chip measurement unit and display meter.

Application Circuits : 

Datasheet PDF Download :
GC7137A pdf

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