Part Number : G4X2BL6

Function : Wire Ducting Slotted Duct PVC

Maker : Panduit

Image :
G4X2BL6 datasheet

Description :

1. Brand:  Panduit  

2. Type:  Wide Slot Wiring Duct   

3. Material:  Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)   

4. Color:  Black   

5.Duct External Width:  108 mm   

6. Duct External Height:  53.8 mm 

Features : 

1. Wide finger design provides greater rigidity and larger slot width

2. Panduit exclusive rounded edges will not cut hands or abrade wiring insulation

3. Non-slip cover will not slide easily when installed on duct base

4. Flush cover design holds more wires than traditional duct designs

5. Double scoreline saves installation time and lowers installed cost 

Datasheet PDF Download :
G4X2BL6 pdf

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