Part Number : FAH4830

Function : Haptic Driver for DC Motors (ERMs) and Linear Resonant Actuators (LRAs)

Package : 10-Lead MLP Type

Maker : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinouts :
FAH4830 datasheet

Description :

The haptic driver takes a single-ended PWM input signal to control a DC motor. It can drive both Eccentric Rotating Mass (ERM) and Linear Resonant Actuator (LRA) motors. The device utilizes an external 10 kHz to 50 kHz PWM signal capable of meeting the wide range of resonant  requencies.


1. Direct Drive of ERM and LRA Motors

2. External PWM Input (10 kHz to 50 kHz)

3. External Motor Enable/Disable Input

4. Internal Mode-Select Register: ERM or LRA

5. Low Standby Current: <500 nA

6. Fast Wake-up Time

7. Nearly Rail-to-Rail Output Swing


Datasheet PDF Download :
FAH4830 pdf

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