Part Number : DS0026H

Function : Dual High-Speed MOS Driver / 5 MHz Two Phase MOS Clock Driver

Package : DIP 8 Pin Type

Maker : National , Texas Instruments

Pinouts :
DS0026H datasheet

Description :

DS0026H is a low cost monolithic high speed two phase MOS clock driver and interface circuit. Unique circuit design provides both very high speed operation and the ability to drive large capacitive loads. The device accepts standard TTL outputs and converts them to MOS logic levels.



1. Fast rise and fall times : 20 ns 1000 pF load

2. High output swing : 20V

3. High output current drive : ±1.5 amps

4. TTL compatible inputs

5. High rep rate : 5 to 10 MHz depending on power dissipation


Acquired by Texas Instruments on September 23rd, 2011.

Datasheet PDF Download :
DS0026H pdf

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