Part Number : DM74LS259N

Function : 8-Bit Serial In to Parallel Out Addressable Latches

Package : DIP, SOIC 16 Pin type

Maker : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinouts :
DM74LS259N datasheet

Description :

These 8-bit addressable latches are designed for general purpose storage applications in digital systems. Specific uses include working registers, serial-holding registers, and active-high decoders or demultiplexers. They are multifunctional devices capable of storing single-line data in eight addressable latches, and being a 1-of-8 decoder or demultiplexer with active-high outputs.


1. 8-Bit parallel-out storage register performs serial-to-parallel conversion with storage

2. Asynchronous parallel clear

3. Active high decoder

4. Enable/disable input simplifies expansion

5. Direct replacement for Fairchild DM9334

6. Expandable for N-bit applications

7. Four distinct functional modes

Datasheet PDF Download :
DM74LS259N pdf

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