Part Number : DM74LS244

Function : Octal 3-STATE Buffer / Line Driver / Line Receiver

Package : DIP, SOP 20 Pin

Maker : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinouts :
DM74LS244 datasheet

Description :

These buffers/line drivers are designed to improve both the performance and PC board density of 3-STATE buffers/drivers employed as memory-address drivers, clock drivers, and bus-oriented transmitters/receivers.

Featuring 400 mV of hysteresis at each low current PNP data line input,
they provide improved noise rejection and high fanout outputs and can be used to drive terminated lines down to 133Ω.


1. 3-STATE outputs drive bus lines directly

2. PNP inputs reduce DC loading on bus lines

3. Hysteresis at data inputs improves noise margins

Datasheet PDF Download :
DM74LS244 pdf

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