Part Number : DAC38J84

Function : Quad-Channel, 16-Bit, 1.6/2.5 GSPS, DAC

Package : BGA 144 Pin Type

Maker : Texas Instruments

Image :
DAC38J84 datasheet

Description :

The terminal-compatible DAC37J84/DAC38J84 family is a low power, 16-bit, quad-channel, 1.6/2.5 GSPS digital to analog converter (DAC) with JESD204B interface.

Digital data is input to the device through 1, 2, 4 or 8 configurable serial JESD204B lanes running up to 12.5 Gbps with on-chip termination and programmable equalization. The interface allows JESD204B Subclass 1 SYSREF based deterministic latency and full synchronization of multiple devices.

The device includes features that simplify the design of complex transmit architectures. Fully bypassable 2x to 16x digital interpolation filters with over 90 dB of stop-band attenuation simplify the data interface and reconstruction filters. An on-chip 48-bit Numerically Controlled Oscillator (NCO) and independent complex mixers allow flexible and accurate carrier placement.

A high-performance low jitter PLL simplifies clocking of the device without significant impact on the dynamic range. The digital Quadrature Modulator Correction (QMC) and Group Delay Correction (QDC) enable complete IQ compensation for gain, offset, phase, and group delay between channels in direct up-conversion applications. A programmable Power Amplifier (PA) protection mechanism is available to provide PA protection in cases when the abnormal
power behavior of the input data is detected.


1. Resolution: 16-Bit

2. Maximum Sample Rate :

 (1) DAC37J84: 1.6 GSPS

 (2) DAC38J84: 2.5 GSPS

3. Maximum Input Data Rate: 1.23GSPS

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DAC38J84 pdf

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