Part Number : BT8370KPF

Function : Fully integrated T1/E1 framer and line interface

Package : MQFP 80 Pin Type

Maker : MNDSPEED, Conexant Systems

Image :
BT8370KPF datasheet

Description :

The BT8370KPF, BT8370 / BT8375 / BT8376 is a family of single-chip transceivers for T1/E1 and Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) primary rate interfaces, operating at 1.544 Mbps or 2.048 Mbps. These devices combine a sophisticated framer, transmit and receive slip buffers, and an on-chip physical line interface to provide a complete T1/E1 transceiver.

The fully featured Bt8370 and short haul Bt8375 and Bt8376 devices provide a programmable clock rate adapter for simplifying system bus interfacing. The adapter synthesizes standard clock signals from the receive or transmit line rate clocks or from an external reference.

Features : 

1. Two-frame transmit and receive PCM slip buffers

2. Clock rate adapter synthesizes jitter attenuated system clocks from an internal or external reference

3. Parallel 8-bit microprocessor port supports Intel or Motorola buses

4. Automated Facility Data Link (FDL) management


5. BERT generation and counting

Datasheet PDF Download :
BT8370KPF pdf

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