Part Number : BP3125

Function : 125 Watt, Photovoltaic Module

Package : Module type

Maker : Bpsolar

Image :
BP3125 datasheet

Description :

The BP3125 is revolutionary in its construction and features our new IntegraBus technology. IntegraBus is a printed circuit board with integrated diodes that is especially designed toensure reliability whilst managing the high current (over 7 amps) produced by our 157mm x 157mm cells.

Electrical Characteristics

Maximum power (Pmax) 125W

Voltage at Pmax (Vmp) 17.6V

Current at Pmax (Imp) 7.1A

Warranted minimum Pmax 118.75W

Short-circuit current (Isc) 7.54A

Open-circuit voltage (Voc) 22.1V

Temperature coefficient of Isc (0.065±0.015)%/ °C

Temperature coefficient of Voc -(80±10)mV/°C

Temperature coefficient of power -(0.5±0.05)%/ °C

NOCT (Air 20°C; Sun 0.8kW/m2 ; wind 1m/s) 47±2°C


Maximum series fuse rating 15A (S); 20A (U)

Datasheet PDF Download :
BP3125 pdf

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