Part Number : BA7149F

Function : Electronic viewfinder driver

Package : SOIC 16 Pin type

Maker : ROHM Semiconductor

Pinouts :
BA7149F datasheet

Description : 

The BA7149F is an electronic viewfinder driver for video cameras. It separates the synchronous signal from the input video signal, and outputs the vertical deflection drive output and horizontal deflection signals. HD and VD output signals with guaranteed phase difference are also provided for on-screen displays (OSD). The differences between the BA7149F and the BA7148F are the horizontal blanking, horizontal AFC output, HD output phase and pulse width.

• Features

1) Operates off a 5V power supply.
2) Built-in vertical deflection circuit.
3) Built-in wide-bandwidth amplifier.
4) Built-in HD and VD output terminals.
5) Few attached components required.
6) SOP 16pin package.
7) Compatible with 10µsec flyback pulses.

Datasheet PDF Download :
BA7149F pdf

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