Part Number : ASDX001G24R

Function : Board Mount Pressure Sensors 0 to 1Psi Gauge 8-Pin PDIP-G2

Maker : Honeywell International

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ASDX001G24R datasheet

Description :

This ASDX series is an amplified version of SenSym ICT’s proven performer and industry leading SDX series sensor. This amplified ASDX device is in a package with the slightly larger footprint as the SDX but it offers a high level (4.0 V span) output on a very cost effective basis.

This family is fully calibrated and temperature compensated using an on-board ASIC. These sensors are intended for use with non-corrosive, non-ionic working fluids; such as air and dry gases.

Typical Applications

1. Medical instrumentation

2. Barometry

3. HVAC controls


4. Pneumatic controls

Datasheet PDF Download :
ASDX001G24R pdf

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