Part Number : AS5040

Function : 10Bit, 360°, Programmable Magnetic Rotary Encoder

Package : SSOP16 Type

Maker : Austriamicrosystems

Pinouts :
AS5040 datasheet

Description :

The AS5040 is a contactless magnetic rotary encoder for accurate angular measurement over a full turn of 360°. It is a system-on-chip, combining integrated Hall elements, analog front end and digital signal processing in a single device. 
To measure the angle, only a simple two-pole magnet, rotating over the center of the chip, is required. The magnet may be placed above or below the IC.


1. Contactless absolute angle position measurement and motion sensing

2. User programmable resolution, pole pairs and zero position

3. Multiple interfaces (SSI, ABI, UVW, PWM)

4. Immune to external magnetic stray fields

Datasheet PDF Download :
AS5040 pdf

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