Part Number : AN44067A

Function : 37V, 2.5A Microstepping Motor Driver

Package : 34 pin Plastic Small Outline Package With Heat Sink

Maker : Panasonic Corporation

Pinouts :
AN44067A datasheet

Description :

AN44067A is a two channel H-bridge driver LSI. Bipolar stepping motor can be controlled by a single driver LSI.

2 phase excitation, half- step, 1-2 phase excitation, W1-2 phase excitation and 2W1-2 phase excitation can be selected.

 Application Circuits :


• PMW can be driven by built-in CR (3-value can be selected during PWM OFF period.) Selection during PWM OFF period enables the best PWM drive.

• Mix Decay compatible (4-value for Fast Decay ratio can be selected.) Mix Decay control can improve accuracy of motor current wave form.

• Built -in low voltage detection If supply voltage lowers less than the range of operating supply voltage, low voltage detection operates and all phases of motor drive output are turned OFF.
Datasheet PDF Download :
AN44067A pdf

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