Part Number : AD7452

Function : Differential Input, 555 kSPS 12-Bit ADC

Package : 8-Lead SOT-23 Type

Maker : Analog Devices

Pinouts :
AD7452 datasheet

Description :

The AD7452 is a 12-bit, high speed, low power, successive approximation (SAR) analog-to-digital converter that features a fully differential analog input. This part operates from a single 3 V or 5 V power supply and features throughput rates up to 555 kSPS. The part contains a low noise, wide bandwidth, differential track-and-hold amplifier (T/H) that can handle input frequencies up to 3.5 MHz. The reference voltage is applied externally to the VREFpin and can be varied from 100 mV to 3.5 V depending on the power supply and what suits the application. The value of the reference voltage determines the common-mode voltage range of the part. With this truly differential input structure and variable reference input, the user can select a variety of input ranges and bias points.


1. Specified for VDDof 3 V and 5 V
2. Low power at max throughput rate:
 (1) 3.3 mW max at 555 kSPS with 3 V supplies
 (2) 7.25 mW max at 555 kSPS with 5 V supplies
3. Fully differential analog input
4. Wide input bandwidth :  70 dB SINAD at 100 kHz input frequency
5. Flexible power/serial clock speed management


1. Transducer interface
2. Battery-powered systems
3. Data acquisition systems
4. Portable instrumentation
5. Motor control


Datasheet PDF Download :
AD7452 pdf

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