Part Number : AD734AQ

Function : 10 MHz, Four-Quadrant Multiplier/Divider

Package : 14-lead CERDIP

Maker : Analog Devices

Pinouts :
AD734AQ datasheet

Description :

The AD734AQ is an accurate high speed, four-quadrant analog multiplier that is pin compatible with the industry-standard AD534 and provides the transfer function W = XY/U. The AD734 provides a low impedance voltage output with a full power (20 V p-p) bandwidth of 10 MHz. Total static error
(scaling, offsets, and nonlinearities combined) is 0.1% of full scale. Distortion is typically less than −80 dBc and guaranteed.

The low capacitance X, Y, and Z inputs are fully differential. In most applications, no external components are required to define the function. The internal scaling (denominator) voltage, U, is 10 V, derived from a buried-Zener voltage reference. A new feature provides the option of substituting an external denominator voltage, allowing the use of the AD734 as a two-quadrant divider with a 1000:1 denominator range and a signal bandwidth that remains 10 MHz to a gain of 20 dB, 2 MHz at a gain of 40 dB, and 200 kHz at a gain of 60 dB, for a gain-bandwidth product of 200 MHz.


1. High accuracy
2. 0.1% typical error
3. High speed
4. 10 MHz full power bandwidth
5. 450 V/μs slew rate
6. 200 ns settling to 0.1% at full power
7. Third-order IMD typically −75 dBc at 10 MHz
8. Low noise
9. Direct division mode
10. 2 MHz BW at gain of 100

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AD734AQ pdf

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