Part Number : AAT4280IJS-1-T1

Marking : COXYY

Function : Slew Rate Controlled Load Switch

Package : SOT23-6, SC70JW-8 Type

Maker : Analog Technology Inc

Pinouts :
AAT4280IJS-1-T1 datasheet

Description : SmartSwitch

The AAT4280IJS-1-T1AAT4280 SmartSwitch is a P-channel MOSFET power switch designed for high-side load switching applications. The P-channel MOSFET device has a typical RDS(ON) of 80mΩ, allowing increased load switch power handling capacity. This device is available in three different versions with flexible turn on and off characteristics from very fast to slew rate limited.


• 1.8V to 5.5V Input Voltage Range
• Very Low RDS(ON), Typically 80mΩ(5V)
• Slew Rate Limited Turn-On Time Options
 (1) 1ms
 (2) 0.5µs
 (3) 100µs
• Fast Shutdown Load Discharge Option
• Low Quiescent Current
 (1) 2.5µA Typical
 (2) 1µA Max in Shutdown
• TTL/CMOS Input Logic Level
• Temperature Range : -40ºC to +85°C
• 4kV ESD Rating
• 6-Pin SOT23 or 8-Pin SC70JW Package

Datasheet PDF Download :
AAT4280IJS-1-T1 pdf

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