Part Number : A-TB72Q

Function : Flat Time Switch (Flush-Mount Type, Direct Mount Type)

Maker : Panasonic Corporation

Image :
A-TB72Q datasheet

Description :

1.DIN72 size depth in the box 21.7 mm

2.One-touch installation. Can also be installed by screws (Surface mounting type / DIN rail mounting type)

3.Easy to read directly readable clock

4.No worry of loss thanks to internal setting elements 

( Load can be turned on and off every 15 minutes with the 96 setting elements )
5.Equipped with ON color dial ( The set time can be seen at a glance )
6.Compatible with AC power supplies (quartz power failure compensation type) , 
Power failure compensation using secondary battery
7.Flat terminals for easy wiring

( To weld the #187 flat connection terminals (receptacles), please use a "YC-051" tool manufactured by J.S.T. Mfg. Co. Ltd. )

Datasheet PDF Download :
A-TB72Q pdf

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