Part Number : 89LPC936

Function : 8-bit microcontroller with accelerated two-clock 80C51

Package : 28 Pin type

Maker : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinouts :
89LPC936 datasheet

Description :

The P89LPC933 / 89LPC934 / 89LPC935 / 89LPC936 is a single-chip microcontroller, available in low cost packages, based on a high performance processor architecture that executes instructions in two to four clocks, six times the rate ofstandard 80C51 devices. Many system-level functions have been incorporated into the P89LPC933/89LPC934/89LPC935/89LPC936 in order to reduce component count, board space, and system cost.

Features :

1. Dual 4-input multiplexed 8-bit A/D converters/DAC outputs (P89LPC935/936, single A/D on P89LPC933/934).Two analog comparators with selectable inputs and reference source.

2. Two 16-bit counter/timers (each may be configured to toggle a port output upon timer overflow or to become a PWM output) and a 23-bit system timer that can also be used as an RTC.

Datasheet PDF Download :
89LPC936 pdf

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