Part Number : 822-0299-001

Function : ADF-900 Automatic Direction Finder

Maker : Rockwell Collins

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822-0299-001 datasheet

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Experience the digital advantages of the Automatic Direction Finder (ADF-900) – part of the latest generation of highly successful ADF sensors from Rockwell Collins. The digital technology of the ADF-900 increases your reliability, enhances your performance and simplifies your maintenance, since all mechanical adjustments are eliminated. And you’ll benefit from functions such as signal baseband processing, audio filtering and enhanced Built-In-Test Equipment (BITE). In fact, digital filters also eliminate temperature and age-induced drift.


1. 190 to 1799 kHz tuning range

2. Interchangeable with Series 700 units (subject to certification)

3. Improved power input

4. Meets HIRF and lightning requirements

5. Enhanced BITE

6. Compliant with requirements of next-generation aircraft

7. Industry-leading reliability

8. Excellent long-term cost of ownership

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