Part Number : 74AHCT32

Function : Quad 2-input OR gate

Package : SO14, TSSOP 14 Pin Type

Maker : NXP Semiconductors.

Pinouts :
74AHCT32 datasheet

Description :

The 74AHC32, 74AHCT32 is a high-speed Si-gate CMOS device and is pin compatible with Low-power Schottky TTL (LSTTL). It is specified in compliance with JEDEC standard No. 7-A.
The 74AHC32; 74AHCT32 provides the 2-input OR function.

Features : 

1. Balanced propagation delays

2. All inputs have Schmitt-trigger actions

3. Inputs accept voltages higher than VCC

Datasheet PDF Download :
74AHCT32 pdf

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