Part Number : SSM70T03GH

Marking Code : 70T03GH

Function : 30V, 60A, N-channel Enhancement-mode Power MOSFET

Package : TO-251, TO-252 Type

Maker : Silicon Standard Corp.

Pinouts :
70T03GH datasheet

Description :

The SSM70T03 acheives fast switching performance with low gate charge without a complex drive circuit. It is suitable for low voltage applications such as DC/DC converters and general load-switching circuits.

The 70T03GH, SSM70T03GH is in a TO-252 package, which is widely used for commercial and industrial surface-mount applications.

The through-hole version, the SSM70T03GJ in TO-251, is available for vertical mounting, where a small footprintis required on the board, and/or an external heatsink is to be attached.

Datasheet PDF Download :
70T03GH pdf

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