Part Number : 65043-010LF

Function : PV Wire-to-Board Connector System, 2.54 x 2.54mm (0.1 x 0.1inch) 

Maker : Amphenol ICC / FCI

Pinouts :
65043-010LF datasheet

Description :

Amphenol ICC’s PV solution is a versatile and modular system able to meet all the board-to-board, boardto-wire, wire-to-wire applications where high density, outstanding electrical and mechanical performances are required.



1. Unique dual-metal PV receptacle contact

2. Ensures durability up to 1000 cycles

3. Beryllium copper spring

4. High normal force during mating interface

5. Keyed MINI-LATCH housings

6. Provide polarization to prevent mismating

7. Meets environmental, health and safety requirements
Datasheet PDF Download :
65043-010LF pdf

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