Part Number : DAP013F

Function : Quasi-Resonant Current Mode Controller

Package : SOP13 TYPE

Maker : ON Semiconductor

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DAP013F datasheet

Description :

The DAP013F offers everything to build high performance AC-DC converters or offline adapters. Thanks to a novel valley lockout system, the controller is able to switch inside the drain-source valley and is immune to valley jumping instabilities. 

Pinouts : 

Features : 

1. Quasi-resonant Peak Current-mode Control Operation

2. Valley Switching Operation with Valley-lockout for Noise-immune Operation

3. VCO Mode (fixed peak current, variable frequency) in Light Output Load for Improved Standby Dissipation

4. Internal 5 ms Soft-start

5. Loss-free Adjustable Over Power Protection

6. Auto-recovery or Latched Internal Output Short-circuit Protection

7. Adjustable Timer for Improved Short-circuit Protection 

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DAP013F pdf

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