Part Number : IBM025160

Function : 256K X 16 MULTIPORT VIDEO RAM 

Package: SSOG-64 JEDEC Standard

Maker : IBM

Pinouts :
IBM025160 datasheet

Description :

This 4Mb dual port Video RAM (VRAM) consists of a Dynamic Random Access Memory (DRAM) organized as 256K x 16 interfaced to a Serial Register / Serial Access Memory (SAM) organized as 256 x 16.

The VRAM supports three basic operations:
Bidirectional Random Access to the DRAM, Bidirectional Serial Access to the SAM, and Bidirectional Data Transfer between any DRAM row and the SAM.

Full compatibility is provided between Half Depth SAM (256 x 16) and Full Depth SAM (512 x 16) by setting the VRAM in Serial Register Stop (SRS) mode with a stop address of 128 bit (or less).

Features : 

• 50 MHz EDO performance

• FLASH WRITE with WPBM- 512 x 16 bits

• Persistent & Non-Persistent WPBM mode

• Split Serial Register with Width Control

• 256 Location Start Address Pointer for SAM


• Full Read and Split Read Transfer

Datasheet PDF Download :
IBM025160 pdf

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