Part Number : ZSR700G


Package : SOT-223, SO8 Pin type

Maker : Zetex , Diodes

Pinouts :
ZSR700G datasheet

Description :

The ZSR Series three terminal fixed positive voltage regulators feature internal circuit current limit and thermal shutdown making the devices difficult to destroy. The circuit design allows creation of any custom voltage in the range 2.85 to 12 volts. The devices are available in a small outline surface mount package, ideal for applications where space saving is important, as well as through hole TO92 style packaging. The devices are suited to local voltage regulation applications, where problems could be encountered with distributed single source regulation, as well as more general voltage regulation applications.

Features : 

• Small outline SO8 and SOT223 package

• TO92 package • 2.85 to 12 Volt

• Output current up to 200mA

• Tight initial tolerance

• Low quiescent current

• -55 to 125°C temperature range

• No external components

• Internal thermal shutdown

• Internal short circuit current limit

Datasheet PDF Download :
ZSR700G pdf

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