Part Number : VCT49XYI

Function : Video-Controller-Text-IF Audio IC Family

Package : DIP 88 Type

Maker : Micronas

Pinouts :
VCT49XYI datasheet

Description :

The VCT49xyI, VCT 48xyI is an IC family of high-quality single-chip TV processors. Modular design and deep-submicron technology allow the economic integration of features in all classes of single-scan TV sets. The VCT49XYI, VCT 48xyI family is based on functional blocks contained and approved in existing products like DRX 396xA, MSP 34x5G, VSP 94x7B, DDP 3315C, and SDA 55xx.


Block Diagram

[ Video Processing ] 
1. ITU 656, CVBS, S-VHS, YCr Cb and RGB inputs
2. 8/10-bit ITU 656 output
3. 4H adaptive comb filter (PAL/NTSC)
4. Multi-standard color decoder (PAL/NTSC/SECAM)
5. Non-linear horizontal scaling “Panoramavision”
6. Luma and chroma transient improvement (LTI, CTI)
7. Histogram calculation
8. Non-linear color space enhancement 

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VCT49XYI pdf

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