Part Number : TL431

Function : Programmable Shunt Regulator

Package : TO-92, DIP 8 Pin, SOP 8 Pin Type

Maker : Fairchild Semiconductor

Pinouts :
TL431 datasheet

Description : 

The TL431 / TL431A are three-terminal adjustable regulator series with a guaranteed thermal stability over applicable temperature ranges. The output voltage may be set to any
value between VREF(approximately 2.5 volts) and 36 volts with two external resistors These devices have a typical dynamic output impedance of 0.2Ω. Active output circuitry
provides a very sharp turn-on characteristic, making these devices excel lent replacement for zener diodes in many


• Programmable Output Voltage to 36 Volts
• Low Dynamic Output Impedance 0.2ΩTypical
• Sink Current Capability of 1.0 to 100mA
• Equivalent Full-Range Temperature Coefficient of 50ppm/°C Typical
• Temperature Compensated For Operation Over Full Rated Operating Temperature Range
• Low Output Noise Voltage
• Fast Turn-on Response

Datasheet PDF Download :
TL431 pdf

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