Part Number : TDA8948J

Function : 4-channel Audio Amplifier

Pakcage : DBS17P Type

Maker : NXP Semiconductors.

Image :
TDA8948J datasheet

Description :

The TDA8948J contains four identical audio power amplifiers.

The TDA8948J can be used as four Single-Ended (SE) channels with a fixed gain of 26 dB, two times Bridge-Tied Load (BTL) channels with a fixed gain of 32 dB or two times SE channels (26 dB gain) plus one BTL channel (32 dB gain) operating as a 2.1 system.

Features : 

1. Standby and mute mode.

2. No on/off switching plops.

3. Low standby current.

4. High supply voltage ripple rejection.



1. Television

2. PC speakers

3. Boom box

4. Mini and micro audio receivers

Datasheet PDF Download :
TDA8948J pdf

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